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Penguin Awareness Day

Did you know it's Penguin Awareness Day? Now you do.

In September, 1983 I went to the beach with four friends. I was fifteen, and we stayed at her parents beach house with her mom, who kindly stayed out of the way. We went to lay out, and lying on my beach towel in the sun, the red haze visible even through sunglasses and closed eyes, I heard this for the first time.

Stargate Reboot

If they do reboot Stargate, you know who I want to see cast as Jack O'Neill? Will Smith. Can you imagine anyone more fabulous?


My thoughts and prayers are with my friends in France on this terrible day.

My favorite SG-1 vid

Just my favorite. Just lovely.


Neat Vid

This is so awesome! I don't even have words for it! The amount of effort and work and the sheer amount of beautiful costume design from fannish love in this video! Just perfect cosplay!